The FDA considers CBD as being beneficial

Many studies and researchers discovered, in the past years, that CBD can be extremely useful if consumed as a supplement or alternative treatment for a variety of illnesses. These scientific finds, backed up by testimonials of people that decided to try CBD as treatment and obtained positive results, led to the increase of CBD’s popularity. But, the federal government didn’t see cannabidiol with such good eyes, doing its best to include CBD in the Schedule I Controlled Substance’s group since last year.

Apparently, the feds cannot ignore the results provided by CBD in the medical world and the increasingly higher number of people that enjoy improved life quality due to this component, finally admitting that CBD can be “beneficial”.

Non-psychoactive and beneficial
It is well-known the fact that CBD has no psychoactive effects producing positive effects on patients suffering from neurological disorders without the “high” effect known among cannabis users. So, many people wonder, if CBD is not a psychoactive component and brings health benefits, why this reticence of using it widely exists on the side of the authorities?

The answer lies in the fact that there are still very many superstitions and wrong assumptions when it comes to CBD because it is extracted from cannabis, known for so many decades as a psychoactive plant. But, every laboratory test done on CBD proved, without a doubt, that CBD does not provide such effects on whoever decides to consume it or use it as treatment.

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