In January 2018, I was introduced to Miracle Chiro-Care Cream. I suffer from knee inflammation due to prolonged standing while working in retail stores on concrete floors at more than 70 hours per week. It had gotten so bad that I walk with a “permanent” limp and my knee swells after being on my feet for about an hour. I am also Type II diabetic, which does not help my cause. Last week, I rubbed a small amount of the Chiro-Care cream on my knee. I was about 30 seconds when I began to feel the pain ease. I said permanent limp because since I have been using the cream, my limp is almost gone. Today I did security for a Celebration of Life service and I was on my feet for about 4 hours with NO swelling and my pain is lessening every day. My knee xrays show almost bone on bone as the source of my paid, so the expectation to erase the pain would be a knee replacement. As long as I get relief from Chiro-Care, I will not even consider surgery. Some may argue with my statements so I make no medical claim other than for me! The one week that I have been using Miracle Chiro-Care Cream, my limp and pain are almost gone!

I have now begun to use the CBD Cannabidiol Gummies to help me with mental clarity, especially when I am tired! Great products! You should try them for yourselves.