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The market for CBD products will reach $2.6 billion in sales by 2021, according to projections from FORBES and “The CBD Report” from the Hemp Business Journal. That’s a huge leap from the estimated $220 million in CBD sales at the end of 2017, making CBD among the fastest growing industry!
The Newsweek report based on interviews and insights from dozens of experts in the hemp and CBD industries, projects a robust future for the CBD industry. Hemp Business Journal did the report in partnership with SPINS and BDS ANALYTICS, two firms that specialize in consumer data.
The abilities and properties of hemp have created a super plant that many industries are harnessing for its healing. A recent report has outlined the recent growth in the sale of products related to the plant, and shows its immense ability to see exponential growth.

“While food and skin-care products are pillars in the hemp portfolio, they don’t touch the plant’s full potential. It’s used in such a surprising variety of products that some financial analysts say hemp could become one of the hottest commodities in industrial and medical fields.

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